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The (male) HR400 and (female) WR400 "Traci" are two android models created by CyberLife.


The HR400 and WR400 "Traci" models are advanced sex androids released by CyberLife in 2035. They have functional genitals and can engage in sexual activities from the most simple forms of intercourse to the most fantasy-oriented ones.[1]

The Traci is only used by a selected circle of clubs with the exclusive authorization for the Traci model; the Eden Club chain is one of them.[1]

Both Traci models are available in several appearances, in the likeness of actors Amelia Rose Blaire, Minka Kelly, and others. The actors who portrayed the male Tracis are unrevealed.



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  • Amelia Rose Blaire lent her appearance to one version of the WR400 and played several Tracis, including several not bearing her likeness. Minka Kelly's appearance was used for another WR400 look, and she portrayed the Traci North.
  • The WR400's North-like appearance is also used by the BL100.