Unnamed Wife is a human in Detroit: Become Human. She and her family are seen at the bus terminal getting ready to leave Detroit to go to Canada.


She is in a relationship with an unnamed man and they have an infant son, Oliver.

Battle for Detroit Edit

She will be seen sitting down with her infant son named Oliver. When Kara and her companion arrive, she will greet Alice and say that her son, Oliver likes her. Kara will come over and the woman will ask if Alice is Kara's daughter, but Kara will lie about it.

Then, her husband will come over and tell her that it is time to go now. She will get up and carry both her infant son and her bag. Bus tickets on top of the bag will drop on the floor. Kara has the choice to steal the tickets.

When they are about to get on the bus, her husband is annoyed that she lost the tickets. Therefore, she and her husband will return and search for the tickets. If Kara does not give the tickets back to the woman's husband, her husband will be disappointed in her and will worry that they can not leave Detroit. She will apologize to her husband. Alternatively, if you decide for Kara to give the tickets back, her husband will tell her not to be so careless with the tickets.

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Notes Edit

  • A woman with the same character model is seen in various chapters including The Stratford Tower where she is walking around the lobby. She may be the same character or likely just a reuse of the character model.
  • Her appearance is determinant.


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