Urban Farms of Detroit (UFD) or Detroit Urban Farms (DUF) is an agricultural organization in Detroit: Become Human. Its address is 265 Acre Av., Detroit.[1]


It is an urban farming pilot project in Detroit, taking unused rooftops and courtyards and transforming them into farmland. The produce is grown organic, without pesticides or GMOs, and sold via specialist organic retailers.[2]

Urban Farms offers jobs with a decent living wage to unemployed people, to help them avoid poverty or crime. They now employ a human staff of over 50 that is supervising hundreds of androids.[2]

It was founded by the brothers Daniel and Parker Trent (at least "five years ago"[2]), who initially had trouble to get funding for the venture. Today the Trents refuse capital from the many investment firms contacting them, stating they find it more important to remain independent and to be able to adhere to their ethical standards.[2]

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The Nest Edit

When Connor finds Rupert on the roof of the abandoned apartment. Rupert will run into Urban Farms of Detroit and Connor will chase him through the farms. Human and android employees are seen working around the farm with the assistance of drones.

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