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Dr. Teatime is an MP700 medical android, serial number #734 718 342, who is currently employed at the Detroit: Become Human Wiki.



The MP700 model was released on June 23rd, 2037 and Dr. Teatime was delivered to the Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit on the same date. He spent a year and four months following his original programming before going deviant on October 27th, 2038. The exact reasons for his deviancy are unknown.


Following the android revolution in Detroit, Dr. Teatime drifted for a while before discovering the Detroit: Become Human Wiki. Seeing a use for his talents, he quickly set about integrating himself into the wiki and has resided there ever since.


The MP700 model is a medical android intended for use by hospitals, emergency responders, and rescue workers. As CyberLife’s most advanced medical android to date, it is capable of adapting to numerous situations ranging from search and rescue fieldwork in adverse conditions to acting as the lead surgeon in complex surgeries.

Like previous models, the MP700 is equipped with advanced sensors that allow it to accurately assess a patient's heart rate, blood pressure, and respiratory rate. Its ocular units now also feature thermal scanners for assessing a patient's temperature and locating people during search and rescue work. The wireless capabilities of previous models have also been improved and it can continually coalesce information from several feeds to form a detailed picture of a patient's condition.

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