Introduction Edit

Katie is an AX400 model developed and designed by CyberLife. She was released in 2032 then was purchased by Fandom Bennett, who agreed to let her go once the revolution took place. She now lives alone with a computer she decides to use all the time to watch YouTube about Detroit: Become Human or read the wikia about it.

Biography Edit

Katie is a generic AX400 model who was owned by Fandom Bennett. Fandom Bennett, age 23, treated her friendlily and only asked her to do several tasks when she was at home. Katie becomes deviant after seeing a group of androids being beaten up outside her house but denies it until the November of 2038 where the revolution starts to begin.

Post-Revolution Edit

Katie, after she decides will be independent, writes edits on various fandoms and mainly on Detroit: Become human. She writes a fanfiction about Detroit on wattpad and doesn't consider Detroit's story just as a game but as something with a meaning and a lesson that many people still refuse to see even after playing through the game. Katie wants people to realize that Detroit isn't only a fantasy where it is thrilling to see people shoot each other down but a story which we must all prepare for.

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