Hello fellow human beings! Today, I have quite the interesting find in one specific area of Detroit's gameplay. Now, before you assume that I edited this and all, take a look for yourselves. I'll leave the link and time connection at the bottom of the page, as well as the second piece of evidence relating to the first.

Awhile back, Bryan Dechart, the voice and body movement actor of Connor, made a simple little video conceivably relating to the gameplay of Detroit. Shall we take a look?

At the timestamp of 21:37, we can notice a red line flowing down Bryan's, or in this case, Jack's cheekbone, primarily from his eye. Perhaps, a tear of blood, but not the victim's?

Children at play (Bryan Dechart)

Children at play (Bryan Dechart)

As you can see, the story bases around what appears to be a mentally ill man who targets children, just to brutally murder them in the end. Perhaps, to rid of his childhood that stuck with him since the desperation of his "mature" age?
(39) Children at play (Bryan Dechart) - YouTube - Google Chrome 8 10 2018 3 53 25 PM
Alright, you say. Something simple. Just a tear of blood. So what? How does this relate to Detroit in any way whatsoever?

Well, oh ho ho! We've got much more than just some cowardly experience of Bryan and his fellow teenie girls. Later on, closer to Detroit: Become Human's ending, this tear seems to... pop out of nowhere... and no dialogue to explain the cause? And no reaction from producers... If you view the video by jacksepticeye, on the timestamps of 36:14, 36:15, or 36:16, you'll notice this streak appear once again!

But the twist is... You can only see this streak on iOS-based devices. Rendering issue? Probably. But why not computers? Does it have to do with rendering itself, or the game? Because initially, I attempted and performed this test on four devices. Two computers. Two iOS-based devices. Both the iOS devices made the blood appear. Except, the PC-based devices didn't. What. The. Fuck.

Want proof? Here. This is the comparison between one of the iOS trials normally, one of the computer trials normally, one of the computer trials zoomed in, and one of the iOS trials zoomed in.

Editing Detroit Theory Connor - Detroit Become Human Wikia - Google Chrome 8 10 2018 4 24 58 PM
(Bad quality, I know... I'm sorry. You can see it for yourself anyway.)
Wtaf If you don't believe me, perform the test for yourself and write in the comments your results. I'm not sure if this works on android phones or not (Ahaha. See what I did there? No? Okay...), but I can assure you it's not a hardware issue. But the point is, defiant in the fact that you can't see it on different devices or not, there's something more going on here. Perhaps a hint towards the newest sequel, where the humans are no longer the murderers.

But rather, the technology.

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