Okay. so I know there's been quite a few controversial issues about who the identity of rA9 is, and for all this time I either assumed it was Markus just because of the sole reason he lead the revolution. I was wrong. Then I found the CD proof where in most asian countries were Detroit: Become Human is sold as a physical copy, this is found:

Yes, before you click out because this is not avaliable in the western regions and/or you've seen this before and are not convinced, I've noticed a strange pattern throughout all the individual trailers for the game. Before I connected rA9 with their dialogue, I certainly thought it was very strange due to it having nothing to do with their actual story. This is what Kara says in one of her advertisements before the trailer blacks out:

"We didn't choose to be different. To feel pain... Or love... You did."

I don't know how it happened or what made me realize, but all the information just clicked inside of me. In the story, Kara is unaware of who we, or the player, is. We have complete control over her yet she has no idea. She just follows our orders to either remain machine or become deviant, either to choose cold and harsh dialogue, or either to even invent deviancy in the first place. WE had all started it.

So let's get back to rA9. The story's deviants, including characters like Rupert, Ralph, Carlos Ortiz's android, etc, repetitively and continously mention throughout the story how they know that somehow rA9 exists... but can't exactly explain exactly who. That cancels out all the possibilites of any of the characters in-game to be rA9 due to the fact that a being that doesn't exist within their universe is the only thing that can be unknown. For example, Markus wouldn't be rA9 because he's a widespread known leader of the deviants; And sure, he can set the deviants free, but who's behind ALL this? the player. Same goes for Connor and Kara. Kara may have been the first deviant to arise in world history according to the Quantic Dream movie' Kara' the 2013 film but is she really a character that would make sense to be idolized by the millions of the deviant population? Many Detroit fans show disappointment at how little effect Kara had on the story due to the fact that she had a lot less influence on the revolution itself & her story was a lot more 'Alice oriented'. Connor may also deviate from his code but only if we allow him to.

What i'm saying is that ultimately, deviancy itself is created from player choice. 

Woot woot, I didn't expect myself to write THIS much.

Opinions and arguments would be appreciated!

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