Detroit: Become Human Wiki
Detroit: Become Human Wiki


There's been changes to the templates, which might be beneficial for the overall design of the wiki. More changes are planned. Functionality has not changed.


  • There are no actions needed.
    • Functionality is expected to be the same.
    • No commands are modified.
  • You will see these changes on pages using these templates. If you cannot see the changes, press Ctrl + F5 on Windows, or clear your stored cache in your browser.

Additional Info

These changes were done voluntarily and may be reverted if needed. However, reverting may require an explanation as of why. (seems very unlikely) This blog will update with templates changed. Any significant templates changed may need to be updated manually. It might update itself with a simple refresh.

Templates Changed Type of Change
  • Delete
  • Disambig
  • Self
  • Fairuse
  • Permission
  • From Wikimedia
  • PD
  • Other Free
  • CC BY SA 3.0
  • ProtectionReq
  • CSS/Style
  • Text Related
  • Position Moving
  • HTML Reordering
  • Created