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WR400 #429 671 942 is a WR400 "Traci" android in Detroit: Become Human.


She was a WR400 "Traci" android working at the Eden Club in Detroit.

On November 6, 2038, she was rented along with another, blue-haired Traci by Michael Graham. Graham repeatedly beat her and damaged her badly, with critical damage to Selector #5402 and Biocomponent #6970.[1]

Later, she was reactivated by Connor who questioned her about the death of Graham, whose corpse laid nearby. After less than two minutes, the Traci suffered a critical leak of blue blood resulting in a shutdown.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

  • Damaged Traci was portrayed by Amelia Rose Blaire who provided her likeness, the voice acting and performance capture. Blaire's likeness is one of the WR400 Traci model's looks.
    • In dubbed versions Traci's voice was provided by: Inna Korolyeva (did not dub Blue-haired Traci) (Russian).


  • "Is he... is he dead?.." - Damaged Traci to Connor about Michael Graham in The Eden Club.

  • "He started... hitting me... again... and again. It was like he was enjoying it..." - Damaged Traci to Connor about Michael Graham in The Eden Club.

  • "He wanted to play with two girls... That's what he said, there were two of us..." - Damaged Traci to Connor before being shut down again in The Eden Club.




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