West Side Industrial is a location in Detroit: Become Human.

It is a very industrial and urban area of Detroit. The location has a lot of stores and coffee shops as well as some apartments and restaurants. A bus terminal is located nearby.


  • Tom's Hot dogs
  • The Celsius
  • Great Mountain coffee shop
  • Burger Zone


Battle for Detroit Edit

President Warren has placed a curfew on the city and has sent the U.S. Army to suppress the android uprising. The military is seen patrolling the area and has set up checkpoints. They are using thermal devices to check if people are human or android and will shoot any android attempting to flee. The time in the game will be 10:51pm.

Kara tells Alice that they need to get to the bus station and that the last bus leaves in 20 minutes. Kara will notice androids being executed and find a gun and take it. The soldiers have rounded up androids and place them in a truck to take them to a recall center. Kara will have to move carefully and hide from soldiers.

Later, they will find Luther (if alive) and a Jerry being held at gunpoint by a soldier. Kara can save them and they will thank her. Once near the bus terminal, Kara has the choice of either going through the checkpoint or taking the long way around to get to the bus terminal.

Notes Edit