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Who would win it?


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Is President Warren too close to CyberLife?


If fighting does break out in the Arctic, who's going to win?

American has less access to the area, but is surrounded by allies. Russia has a head-start on technology: their androids can work in sub-zero conditions.

The US navy is stocked with Trojan and Myrmidon CyberLife units, which are specially adapted for marine combat, where the Russians have invested heavily in "Ice Cutter" units, capable of forging new paths through solid ice.

Both armies seem evenly matched - and Harry Grayton, President of the World Council of Territorial Disputation (WCTD) has described both US and Russian claims to Arctic territory as "equally tenuous - and equally cynical".

A spokesperson for the UN has also commented on the "neck-and-neck" nature of Arctic competition: "the fact that forces are so evenly balanced is just one more reason why conflict must be avoided at all costs - this is a war that everybody would lose".

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