Alice is a YK500 android bought by Todd Williams to replace the daughter that left with his wife.

The YK500 is an android model created by CyberLife in Detroit: Become Human.

Specifics[edit | edit source]

The YK500 is a CyberLife android model released in 2033.[1] It is a child android designed to closely simulate a real human child for its "parents", mimicking childlike behaviors and needs. It replicates emotions like affection and love (especially for its parents), joy and sadness, pain, and can simulate cold, fever, and various childhood illnesses.[1] Unlike a real child however, its needs can be selectively deactivated for convenience in its settings.[2][3]

The known appearance of the YK500 is of a 9-year-old female child. Its LED can be deactivated[1] (possibly removed[2]) to perfect the illusion of a real child.

The YK500 was a commercial success immediately on hitting the market and still continuing in 2038. Its popularity is sometimes credited as a factor in the declining human birthrate, e.g. by sociologist Mary Wallace. For proponents, a child android enables customers to enjoy parenthood without the hassle or long-term commitment and costs.[1][2]

The cost of a child android (of unknown model) in 2038 is mentioned as $7,500.[2]

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See also the galleries of individual androids of the model, such as Alice#Gallery.

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