Zlatko Andronikov's House is a location in Detroit: Become Human. It is a rundown mansion owned by Zlatko Andronikov. It was possibly owned by his family ancestors. He uses his house to tinker with androids and sell parts to people.

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Kara goes to Zlatko house based on WR600 trash collector android who gave them the location for some assistance. Kara and Alice head to the home. Alice has bad feeling about the house and Kara assures her that nothing bad will happen. Kara knocks on the door. Zlatko answers the door, Kara explains that android gave her the location of his home for assistance. Zlatko lets them enter his home. He asks Luther to take their coats. Zlatko introduces them to Luther. Zlatko tells her the best place to go to escape is Canada because there are no laws on androids there. He tell her that he needs to remove her CyberLife tracker to be free. He leads her to the basement and takes her to a diagnostic machine. He reveals that he lied to her about the tracker and wants to reset her for his own purposes. Zlatko then leaves with Alice and Luther, who tells Kara to meet him in the living room.

If Kara manages to escape the machine, she will get out of the basement. She can also free the experimented androids, who tell her about Zlatko’s actions against them. After getting out of the basement, Kara overhears Zlatko telling Luther to bring him Alice in 10 minutes.

If Kara becomes reset by the machine, she will get out of the basement to meet with Luther. She can also free the experimented androids, who were distraught what Zlatko did to her and tell Kara to find Alice before it was too late.

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