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Zoe is a minor human character in Detroit: Become Human. She appears in "The Opening" and has no spoken lines; her name is stated by her mother.


In "The Opening", Zoe is the first person Kara sees after being reset and she stares at Kara before her mother tells her they are going to leave the Android Zone store.

Her character model reappears at different points of the game, though if and which cases are intended to be the same character and which just a reuse of the model is unknown.


  • Even though the spelling is different, Zoe shares her name with Zoey, a supporting character from the previous Quantic Dream game Beyond: Two Souls.
  • Her model can be seen in the character gallery.
  • Zoe's character model also appears at the beginning of the chapter "Shades of Color", running to be embraced by a black AX400. She may be the same character or just a reuse of the character model.
  • Zoe's character model appears in "Jericho" outside of Ferndale station. She asks a woman (likely her mother) if they are really going to get rid of their android; Mandy, and is in response told yes, as her grandmother feels it leaves her nothing to do.